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What is inoculation treatment? In technical terms, a small amount of other substances are added to the liquid metal during solidification. Promote nucleation and inhibit growth. To achieve the purpose of refining the grains. But presumably such an explanation, many people do not understand. In plain language, the inoculation process is to add additives to the cast iron.


There are two common inoculants, silicon barium inoculants and ferrosilicon inoculants.

Silicon barium inoculant

Silicon barium inoculant is an artificial composite ferro alloys product. The main application is with the production process of cast iron. 80% of Chinese foundry manufacturers are using barium-containing inoculants. In practice, Si-Ba inoculants can improve the performance of the product. Thus, it can be widely used in actual production.

Silicon barium inoculant

Silicon barium inoculant specifications

  mm Si Ba Ca Re Fe
Ba3-65 0.5-2.0 60-65 2-4 0.5-2.5 - -
Ba5-60 2-5 55-60 4-6 0.5-2.5 - -
BaRe5-60.5 3-8 55-60 4-6 0.5-2.5 4-6 -
Ba10-55 0.2-3 50-55 8-12 3.5-5.5 - -
Ba15-50 0.2-3 45-50 13-17 3.5-5.5 - -
Ba20-45 0.2-3 40-45 18-20 3.5-5.5 - -
Ba3-50 0.2-3 46-54 1.5-4 1-3 3-5 -
Si72 0.3-2 70-72   1-3 - -

Silicon barium inoculant application

1. Cast iron industry

When producing ductile iron and gray cast iron, silicon barium can improve the fluidity of molten iron. Improve the form of molten iron impurities. And promote the application of graphite spheroidization.

2. Steelmaking industry

Putting silicon barium inoculant can play a good deoxidation effect

Ferrosilicon inoculant

Ferrosilicon inoculants are the most commonly used. It is available in three sizes: 45FeSi, 75FeSi and 85FeSi. Among them, 75FeSi is the most widely used. 45FeSi is rarely used. Specific specifications can be referred to the product: ferrosilicon.

Ferro silicon inoculant

Characteristics of ferrosilicon inoculant:

  • Economically cheap.
  • Reduce the white mouth in the tissue and improve the uniformity of the cross-section.
  • Promote type A graphite, increase the number of eutectic groups, and reduce segregation.
  • Improve performance and increase toughness in performance.

The addition of Barium to ferrosilicon can promote graphitization. Improve the morphology and distribution of graphite in thin-walled castings. Slow down growth and decline. And the dose is less than 75 ferrosilicon.

Some notes on usage:

In general, the amount of gray cast iron is 0.2~0.5%. For ductile iron, the amount is generally 0.5~1.1%. For cast iron horizontal continuous casting ductile iron, the general addition amount is 0.8~1.5%.

The amount of use should be determined according to the actual situation. The relationship between iron and molten iron is very close. It should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Besides, after the inoculant is added, a local silicon-rich microdomain can be formed in the molten iron. This is good for graphite precipitation.

The above is a brief introduction to two common inoculants. In fact, in actual life, there are many used as inoculants. Wanhua provides a variety of inoculant products. If you have any questions, please contact us by email. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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