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understand calcium silicon cored wire before you invest

Time: 11 12, 2019      Author :wanhua

In the smelting industry, various additives need to be added to improve product quality. The calcium silicon cored wire is a mature refining technology. It is widely used in smelting. And the technology is still developing continuously.

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire
SiCa Cored Wire
Silicon Calcium Cored Wire

What is calcium silicon cored wire?

The calcium silicon block is ground into a powder and placed as a core material in a core wire. The purpose of the manufacturer is to place the CaSi into the molten steel at a predetermined depth. In this case, silicon calcium alloy can play its role more effectively.

Manufacturing Of CaSi Cored Wire
SiCa Cord Wire Manufacturing

Calcium silicon cored wire is mainly used in steelmaking for desulfurization, deoxidation, alloying, microalloying, inclusion denaturation in steel and calcium treatment of continuous casting steel.

In the production of cast iron, it is mainly used in apricot gold, desulfurization, spheroidization, creeping treatment and inoculation treatment of cast iron. The standard of the cored wire varies from process to process.

Model Chemical  Composition(%) Wire Diameter(mm) Wire Thickness(mm) Wire Weight(g/m) Powder Weight (g/m) Uniformity(%)
SiCa Si55 Ca28 13.0 0.4 170 230 2.5-5

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Calcium silicon core wire operation attention:

1. Reasonably adjust the feeding speed.

The feeding speed has a great influence on the Ca absorption rate. Too fast and too slow will result in a decrease in absorption rate.

The core wire begins to melt when it is fed to a certain depth. The depth should be such that the molten and dispersed calcium bubbles are subjected to a large hydrostatic pressure. This causes it to be completely consumed as much as possible before it floats to the molten steel.

A suitable feed speed can increase the yield of calcium.

<1> If the speed is too fast.

On the one hand, the molten steel is violently tumbling due to the large amount of calcium vapor generated locally, and a large amount of calcium vapor is directly volatilized into the air.

On the other hand, calcium vapor is too late to dissolve and floats a lot, thereby reducing its yield.

<2> If the speed is too slow.

Too slow a speed will result in insufficient feed depth. Before it is completely dissolved in the molten steel, it floats up to the molten steel surface and is wasted.

2. Correctly select the feeding position.

The feeding position also has a great influence on the yield of calcium. The solid core calcium feed point should be chosen at the center of the molten steel flow. Try to stay away from the argon blowing circle.

In this way, no matter whether Ca enters the molten steel in a gaseous state or in a liquid state, it will be forced to descend under the action of the descending flow. Thereby extending its residence time in the molten steel, so that it is fully absorbed by the molten steel.

The calcium silicon cored wire is a product of improved quality in steel making. With the development of society, the types of cored wires are increasing. Pay attention to details when selecting products to avoid buying inferior products. Anyang Wanhua provides high quality silicon calcium block, silicon calcium powder and SiCa core wire. If you need it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you're interested in our products or have any questions, please kindly describe your requirement in detail. Our professional team will reply to you as soon as possible.
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