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how to control the amount of chromium when producing cast iron

Time: 03 01, 2021      Author :wanhua

How to control the amount of chromium added when producing iron castings?

When casting ductile iron parts, the chromium content is relatively high.

High chromium content,

The casting is hard to process,

Chromium easily forms carbides,

Prevent graphitization.

Chromium is added to gray iron,

Can refine graphite,

Increase pearlite,

Improve strength, hardness and white mouth width.

But when the addition amount exceeds 0.8%

Free carbides will appear.

When producing gray iron,

Try not to exceed 0.8% of chromium.

When producing ductile iron,

To avoid cementite,

It is recommended to add chromium below 0.05%

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