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high carbon silicon

high carbon silicon

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High carbon ferrosilicon, also known as high carbon silicon, or silicon carbon alloy. This product is a by-product of the production of metal silicon. The main content is composed of silicon and carbon. Other contents are: silica, phosphorus, sulfur, etc.

High carbon silicon

High carbon silicon producing process

In the process of smelting metal silicon, the heating of the electrodes in the furnace is not enough. This causes the bottom of the furnace to reach the temperature required to produce metal silicon. Raw materials such as bottom silica and carbon are not fully reacted. After a long time of accumulation, silicon Carbon alloy is thus formed.

High carbon silicon specifications

Si C SiO2 P S
65% 15% 2.5% 0.05% 0.05%
67% 23% 2.5% 0.05% 0.05%
  • Size: 10-50mm, 10-100mm , or as the requirement of customer .
  • Packing : One ton in common bag . One ton in bottom discharge bag , or as the customer’s requirement .

silicon carbon alloy advantages

1. Improve the quality of molten steel, improve product quality and improve product capacity.

2. Reduce the amount of alloy added, reduce steelmaking costs, and increase economic benefits.

High carbon ferrosilicon uses

The main content of high carbon silicon are silicon and carbon. It can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, recarburizer . Reduce the amount of deoxidizer, and be used in converter smelting deoxidation alloying process. The effect is stable. The properties and quality of the steel are superior to the traditional process.

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