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silicon briquette

silicon briquette

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According to customer requirements and market orientation, ferroalloy supplier has developed a new type of ferroalloy material - -silicon briquette.

Silicon briquette
Silicon ball

Silicon briquette have the same physical and chemical properties as ordinary alloys. And briquettes manufacturing cost is very low. So, it has been well received by customers in practical use.

Silicon briquette manufacturing process:

Silicon balls are generally classified into three types: ferrosilicon briquettes, silicon slag briquettes, and silicon carbide balls.

Ferrosilicon briquettes

The ferro silicon briquettes is made by pressing the ferro silicon powder through a machine. It can be used as a deoxidizer and alloying agent in the steel making process. It is a substitute for smelting pig iron and ordinary foundry ferrosilicon.

Ferro silicon briquette

Advantages of ferro silicon briquettes

The use of ferrosilicon balls can improve the furnace temperature, increase the fluidity of molten iron, effectively discharge slag, and improve the toughness and cutting ability of pig iron and castings.

In addition, its particle size is uniform, the melting rate is fast, and fuel can be effectively saved. The price of ferrosilicon briquettes is low and the effect is good. It is a product that many customers will choose now.

Ferrosilicon briquettes specifications

Products Spec(%)
Si C S P Al
FeSi60 60%min 8%max 0.1%max 0.05%max 5%max
FeSi65 65%min 5%max 0.08%max 0.05%max 3%max

Silicon slag briquettes

The silicon slag ball is made by pressing metal silicon slag powder through a machine.

silicon slag briquette

Silicon slag is a kind of scum floating on the furnace during the process of smelting metal silicon. Silicon slag contains a large amount of metal silicon and other elemental components. It is a good deoxidizer. It is widely used in deoxidation of molten steel and purification of molten steel.

The silicon slag ball has a low price and good effect. It is used by the steel plant to replace the ferrosilicon. It is a good product to reduce costs and increase profits .

Silicon slag briquettes specifications

Products Spec(%)
Si C S P
Si50% 50%min 8%max 0.1%max 0.05%max
Si60% 60%min 5%max 0.1%max 0.05%max
Si70% 70%min 3%max 0.05%max 0.05%max

Silicon carbide balls

Silicon carbide ball, also known as silicon-carbon alloy ball. The silicon carbon alloy ball is formed by pressing a silicon carbon alloy slag and powder through a machine. It can be used instead of ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, and recarburizer.

Silicon carbide balls

Advantages of silicon carbide balls

1. Improve the quality of molten steel and improve product quality.

2. Reduce the amount of alloy added, reduce steelmaking costs, and increase economic efficiency.

Silicon carbide balls specifications

Products Spec(%)
Si C S P
Si45C10 45%min 10%min 0.05%max 0.05%max
Si65C15 65%min 15%min 0.05%max 0.05%max
Si68C18 68%min 18%min 0.05%max 0.05%max

In addition to the above three kinds of silicon briquettes, some users also use silicon-manganese briquettes, and the specifications of silicon-manganese briquette are as follows:

Products Spec(%)
Type Si C S P Al
FeSiMnBri Si60 60 8% 0.1% 0.05% 5%
FeSiMnBri Si65 65 5% 0.08% 0.05% 3%

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