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things you probably did not know about silicon slag uses

Time: 05 10, 2019      Author :wanhua

Silicon slag is familiar to many people in the industry. Silicon slag is a by-product of smelting metal silicon and ferrosilicon. It is the residue left after the silicon ore is refined. So can silicon residue be used? Many people don't know much about it. Let's talk about silicon slag today.

Silicon slag

The silicon residue is the remainder after the ore is refined. And it also contains a certain amount of silicon. In actual use, it is often made into silicon slag balls and silicon slag powder.

Silicon slag uses

Silicon slag is one of the metallurgical materials purchased by the manufacturers. It has an irreplaceable advantage.

The use of silicon is different, so there are many types of silicon slag. Can be divided into industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag, semiconductor silicon slag and so on.

1. Silicon slag can be used as a deoxidizer.

As a deoxidizer, you can reduce costs and increase profits. Silicon slag is also a "star" in the field of deoxidation. The price is lower and contains silicon. Steelmakers are more inclined to use silicon residue products when purchasing raw materials.

2. Used in desulfurizers.

The silicon slag contains a large amount of basic oxides. It can react with sulfur dioxide to form sulfate, and its slurry can be used for flue gas desulfurization.

3. Refine industrial silicon in silicon slag.

The silicon slag generally contains at least 15% of elemental silicon. Further extraction of the silicon slag is separated. Thereby, a certain silicon element can be obtained. This saves silicon waste and also reduces expenses to a certain extent. The use of industrial silicon slag in the metallurgical industry is also very extensive.

To extract certain industrial silicon from silicon slag. The first step is to separate the light-colored silicon slag and the dark silicon slag from the silicon slag by hand hammer. The second step uses a chemical reaction to carry out the smelting separation. The main thing is to separate the impurities in the molten silicon.

Silicon slag is a representative of waste utilization. Silicon slag is cheap. And reduce waste of resources and save costs. More and more steel manufacturers choose to use silicon slag. Wanhua Metal specializes in the production and sales of silicon slag. Friends in need are welcome to inquire.

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