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ferrosilicon industry chain and uses

Time: 05 16, 2019      Author :wanhua

Ferrosilicon is made from coke, steel scrap and quartz. It is then smelted in a submerged arc furnace. Ferrosilicon specifications>>

Ferro Silicon

Silicon and oxygen are readily synthesized into silica. Therefore, ferrosilicon is often used in steelmaking as a deoxidizer. At the same time, a large amount of heat is released due to the formation of SiO2. At the same time as deoxidation, it is also advantageous to increase the temperature of the molten steel.

Ferrosilicon is added as an alloying element. Widely used in low alloy structural steel, combined steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat resistant steel and electrical silicon steel.

Ferrosilicon is used in the production of iron alloys and in the chemical industry. Often used in reducing agents. The silicon content is 955~99%. Pure silicon is commonly used to make single crystal silicon or to prepare non-ferrous metal alloys.

Uses: Ferrosilicon is used in the steel industry, foundry industry and other industrial production.

Ferrosilicon is an essential deoxidizer in the steelmaking industry.

In steelmaking, ferrosilicon is used for precipitation deoxidation and diffusion deoxidation. Brick iron is also used as an alloying agent in steel making. The addition of a certain amount of silicon to the steel can increase the hardness, strength and elasticity of the steel. And improve the magnetic permeability of steel. Thereby reducing the hysteresis loss of the transformer steel.

Generally, steel contains 0.15%-0.35% silicon.

The structural steel contains 0.40%-1.75% silicon. The tool steel contains 0.30%-1.80% silicon. Spring steel contains 0.40% - 2.80% silicon. Stainless steel acid steel contains 3.40%-4.00% silicon. The heat resistant steel contains 1.00%-3.00% of silicon. Silicon steel contains 2% to 3% or more of silicon.

In the steelmaking industry, approximately 3-5 kg ​​of 75% ferrosilicon is consumed per ton of steel produced.

High carbon ferrosilicon or siliceous alloys are widely used in the ferroalloy industry. It can be used as a reducing agent for the production of low carbon iron alloys. Ferrosilicon is added to cast iron for use as an inoculant for ball-milled cast iron. And can prevent the formation of carbides. Promotes the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite. Improve cast iron performance.

In addition, ferrosilicon powder can be used as a suspension phase in the mineral processing industry. Used as a coating for electrodes in the electrode manufacturing industry. High carbon ferrosilicon is used in the electrical industry to produce semiconductor pure silicon. It can be used in the chemical industry to manufacture silicones and the like.

Ferrosilicon industry chain and uses

Ferrosilicon products are used for the charging of smelting enterprises such as ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

For example:

1. Ferrosilicon is used as a deoxidizer in crude steel smelting in the steel industry. It is an indispensable iron alloy metallurgical raw material in crude steel smelting.

2. Metal magnesium. A large amount of ferrosilicon is required as an additive in the smelting process. It is an important force in the demand for ferrosilicon.

The ferrosilicon industry is an energy and mineral resource intensive industry.

The current big environment is:

1. Energy shortage

2. Environmental protection requirements are becoming stricter

3. Market entry threshold

Therefore, whoever has the resources will be able to win in the market competition.

The raw materials for the production of ferrosilicon mainly include electricity, silica, semi-coke and iron filings. In the collection, the cost of electricity consumption accounts for about 70% of the total cost.

For example, a small electric furnace that produces 1 ton of ferrosilicon requires about 10,000 kWh of electricity. Large electric furnaces require about 8500 kWh to produce 1 ton of ferrosilicon.

Silica and coal are the first raw materials in the ferrosilicon industry. When producing ferrosilicon, the convenience of silica resources and coal resources should be considered.

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