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high carbon silicon can be used instead of ferrosilicon

Time: 04 23, 2019      Author :wanhua


Coke, steel scrap, quartz (or silica) are used as raw materials. The silicon reduced by 1500-1800 high temperature is melted in the molten iron. The ferrosilicon alloy is made by electric furnace smelting.


Since silicon and oxygen are easily synthesized into silica, ferrosilicon is often used as a deoxidizer. A large amount of heat is released when the silica is formed. It is also advantageous to increase the temperature of the molten steel.

For ferrosilicon, the silicon content is between 65-80%. At the same time, the content of aluminum and sulfur is also very important.

There will be a greater impact in different production processes and requirements. Usually the aluminum content is between 0.1 and 6%. The sulfur content is between 0.03-0.05. All the above indicators can be controlled in the production process of our factory.

Everything is produced according to customer requirements.

High carbon silicon

When it comes to high carbon silicon, many people may be particularly unfamiliar. Because it is a new type of alloy product. It is an accessory product of metal silicon. Also known as high carbon ferrosilicon, high carbon metal silicon, silicon carbon alloy and the like.

High carbon ferrosilicon

High carbon silicon consists of silicon and carbon. Silicon is between 40-70 and carbon is between 10-25. High carbon silicon can effectively improve the quality of molten steel and improve product quality. In the converter production process, the high carbon silicon effect is stable.

High carbon silicon can be used instead of ferrosilicon. Both ferrosilicon and high carbon silicon are characterized by deoxidation and silicon. So, in some production processes, it can be used instead.

But, in the specific operation process, it is necessary to strictly control the content. This will achieve the final production results and needs.

High carbon silicon in the factory:

The biggest advantage of high carbon silicon: more lower price

In the steel making process, ferrosilicon is often used for the purpose of deoxidation. High carbon silicon can also achieve the effect of deoxidation. Compared to ferrosilicon, the price of high carbon silicon is low. Thus, many steel manufacturers began to purchase high-carbon silicon as a deoxidizer.

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